Arlee Kilbourn

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Arlee lives in New Hampshire with her husband Patrick. He likes to use his twitter feed to tease his “crunchy mama” about all the ways she tries to make natural living a priority in their life – and she’s sure this blog won’t be an exception! Arlee spends most of her time caring for their three lovely children and attempting to persevere in the somewhat hidden art of homemaking. Currently, she loves living in a neighborhood where there’s a good chance a friend will pop by unannounced and she looks forward to the days when she can drink a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. Don’t get her wrong though, she isn’t wishing for this wild season of raising babies to pass by too quickly – in fact, learning how to find natural ways to have babies, clothe, feed and educate them is something Arlee is really passionate about and she enjoys the challenge of applying an environmentally conscience mindset to all aspects of life. While she may still be reminding her family that “less is more,” she is determined to be some sort of minimalist….someday!

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